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Missing the mark

Zigong asked: “Who is better: Zizhang or Zixia?” Confucius said: “Zizhang overshoots the mark and Zixia falls short of the mark.” Zigong said: “Then Zizhang must be better?” Confucius said: “Both miss the mark.”

This is perhaps not the most diplomatic of questions from Zigong, but Confucius handles it fairly. Continue reading Missing the mark

Followers of Confucius: Zixia

Zixia (子夏) was born in 507 BCE, probably in the state of Wei, and is said to have lived to an extremely advanced age. He reportedly served at the court of Prince Wan of Wei in 406 BCE when he would have been ninety-nine. He was also known by the courtesy name of Bu Shang (卜商) and the given name of Bu Zixia (卜子夏). Continue reading Followers of Confucius: Zixia