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Notes from the field: the next big thing?

next big thing

I was greeted by the traditional cacophony of fire crackers heralding the first day of work after the Lunar New Year Holiday when I reached the office this morning. As is the custom, people gathered to express their wishes for a healthy and prosperous Year of the Rat as they gave their offerings and prayers to the deities and spirits. Given how ominously the new year has started, let’s hope that they were listening!

Over the holiday, I spent quite a bit of time reading a pile of articles and reports purporting to predict the key technology trends that will have the deepest economic and social impact over the next decade. What struck me most about them was their startling lack of originality. It’s almost as if they were written from the same set of talking points prepared by the marketing department of a silicon vendor for time-pressured journalists and journalists. Yes, yes, we get it. 5G is going to be revolutionary and disruptive. So too is, AI, IoT, VR, AR, and a host of other new technologies… Of course, they’re going to transform the way we live. Continue reading Notes from the field: the next big thing?

Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig!

Lunar New Year of the Pig

Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig! A fond farewell to the Year of the Dog as well – which I have no doubt will go down in the annals of the tech industry as an inflection point marking the end of the incredible growth of the smart phone and the transition to…

To what exactly? Perhaps the driverless car, though there are growing doubts as to when or even if that will ever happen. Or, more likely, a period of experimentation as the industry tries to figure out what the next blockbuster device will be – assuming of course one exists. Continue reading Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig!