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Tirumakudalu Narasipur


Almost half-way between Talakad and Somanathapur is the small rustic village of Tirumakudalu Narasipur, which draws on its legendary associations with the main religious centers of northern India to make some rather grandiose claims to being “Dakshina Kashi” or the Varanasi of the South. (Nanjangud, another town featured in my eBook, is also a contender for this title.) Continue reading Tirumakudalu Narasipur

Mystery of the Talakad Curse


Nobody knows for sure why Talakad was engulfed by mountains of sand in the cataclysm that took place in the early 1600s, though by far the most captivating explanation is the story of the notorious Talakad Curse, which was said to have been issued by a desperate queen called Alamelamma before throwing herself into the swirling waters of the Cauvery River.  Continue reading Mystery of the Talakad Curse