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VIA at Embedded World 2019: new VPai smart lock

One of the most exciting new products we will be launching at at Embedded World 2019 is the VPai Smart Lock Turnkey Platform aimed at the rapidly-growing smart security device market. Germany. This versatile system features a connected wide-angle camera and offers multiple levels of access authentication in a single, securely-designed device that can be connected to Cloud management services. It can be used in either residential or commercial buildings, and provides multiple customization options to meet specific installation requirements.

VPai Smart Lock features a durable aluminum enclosure that houses a high-quality wide-angle HD camera with night vision capabilities and PIR motion detection, two-way audio for remote calling, a fingerprint recognition module, an NFC card reader, a 12-key touch pad, a 2.7” TFT display, and a tamper switch that triggers an automated alarm when it detects an attemp to dismantle it.  Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity, two Li-Ion batteries, and the lock motor. Continue reading VIA at Embedded World 2019: new VPai smart lock

VIA at Embedded World 2019: enabling smart buildings with the VIA ARTiGO A820

enabling smart buildings

Smart buildings that are aware of and react to their environment can bring considerable benefits to both owners and users, including lower energy consumption, predictive maintenance alerts for HVAC equipment, greater security, improved occupant comfort and safety, and increased utilization of assets and services. This not only improves the immediate environment as the building actively and intelligently reacts to the ebb and flow of everyday life, but also acts to reduce energy consumption and positively contribute to the fight against climate change.

VIA offers a growing family of smart building solutions that enable hybrid processing between edge device and cloud and provide the flexibility required for addressing key issues, such as centralized management and data collection balanced against available bandwidth, time-to-action latency, connection reliability, security, and cost.

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Future developments in the home security camera market

home security camera market

How will the home security camera market develop over the next few years? This is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot during the preparations for the launch of our new VPai Home turnkey platforms at the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics and Mobile Electronics shows. Here are some thoughts on this topic.

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Target Open House


Despite all the hype and noise about the myriad wonders of the IoT, selling connected locks, thermometers, scales, and other gadgets to the mainstream consumer still remains a huge challenge. How do you show people how all these miracles of modern technology will work together to create a wondrous smart lifestyle every room will be at the perfect temperature, the washing machine will only run when electricity is at its lowest rate, and the dog hasn’t escaped because you forgot to close the door in your rush to get to work? Continue reading Target Open House