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True goodness

Yuan Xian asked about shamefulness. Confucius said: “Caring only about your official salary no matter whether good or bad government prevails in the state. That is shamefulness.” “If you can overcome aggressiveness, arrogance, bitterness, and greed can you be said to have achieved true goodness?” Confucius said: “You can be said to have achieved something difficult; but I don’t know whether it is true goodness.”

We first encountered the disciple Yuan Si (原思), referred to here by his personal name Yuan Xuan (原憲), in Chapter V of Book 6. In that encounter, Confucius gently rebuked Yuan for his excessive fastidiousness in refusing to take a generous salary after being hired as an official. In this passage, he expands further on this theme by pointing out that it is only shameful to accept a salary from a government that is following the wrong path. If a government is following the right path and you are doing a good job, there is no reason to turn it down. Continue reading True goodness