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Why drive recorders can help improve ridesharing services

drive recorders ridesharing

Ridesharing companies and their drivers provide a convenient answer to some of the 21st century’s most pressing transport problems. With millions of worldwide users, Uber, Lyft, DiDi and their rivals provide a valuable service, but the disruptive nature of this service can present additional challenges relating to unprofessional, and even criminal behavior from a small minority of drivers. By investing in drive recording technology, ridesharing operators are far better equipped to protect passengers, drivers, and their reputation.

Like so many other disruptive technologies, it’s hard to imagine a world without ridesharing and ride-hailing companies like Uber. Founded in 2009, Uber has grown to account for a staggering 5.23 billion rides globally in 2018, with the company now operating in nearly 800 towns and cities worldwide. For millions of city-dwellers, Uber and its competitors have become a popular choice for commuters, beating more traditional transportation options in terms of convenience, value and integration with our increasingly digitized lives. Continue reading Why drive recorders can help improve ridesharing services