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Daodejing: the unbroken thread

I am beginning to see why the Daodejing appeals to so many people in the west seeking spiritual inspiration. Passages like this one in Chapter 14 do a masterful job of evoking the myriad mysteries of the Dao, which stretches back to the very “beginnings of antiquity”. The richness and ambiguity of the text, no matter whether it’s in Chinese or English, certainly send the brain cells spinning in multiple directions! Continue reading Daodejing: the unbroken thread

Daodejing: the power of fear

There’s nothing like fear to motivate people (though I suppose you can always spice it up with a dollop of uncertainty and doubt). Most of the time, it’s a negative force that holds us back from doing what we really want to do with our lives because we are frightened of losing what we have – just like a high-ranking official terrified of being dismissed or even losing his head at the whim of the capricious ruler upon whose favor his livelihood depend. Continue reading Daodejing: the power of fear