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Political intrigue

Certain people in Lu were planning to demolish the Long Treasury and rebuild it. Min Ziqian said: “Why not just repair the old structure? Why build a new one?” Confucius said: “This man rarely speaks, but when he does he hits the mark.”

The political intrigue hots up in the state of Lu, with one faction (probably the Ji family) hatching plans to undermine the largely symbolic authority of the Duke of Lu by knocking down his Long Treasury building and replacing it with a new one. Continue reading Political intrigue

An unnatural death

When at Confucius’s side, Min Ziqian looked respectful; Zilu looked feisty; Ran Qiu and Zigong looked relaxed. Confucius joked. “A man like Zilu will not die a natural death.”

Some succinct pen portraits that neatly crystalize the characters of four of Confucius’s closest disciples. Continue reading An unnatural death

A filial son!

Confucius said: “Min Ziqian is such a filial son! Nobody differs from his parents and brothers in their praise of him.”

One of Confucius’s favorite disciples, Min Ziqian was renowned for the filial piety he is said to have shown during his miserable childhood. After the untimely death of his own mother, he suffered terrible abuse from his father’s second wife, almost dying of cold on one occasion after she had lined his clothes with weeds rather than warm cotton. Continue reading A filial son!