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The Cult of the Amateur


While PCs and the Internet have given hundreds of millions of people the opportunity to post their thoughts and opinions to a global audience for the first time in history, this “free, user-generated content spawned by the Web 2.0 revolution is decimating the ranks of our cultural gatekeepers, as professional critics, journalists, editors, musicians, moviemakers, and other purveyors of expert information are being replaced…by amateur bloggers, hack reviewers, and homespun moviemakers, and attic recording artists”. Continue reading The Cult of the Amateur

Beijing Supermarket Digital Signage


The supermarket near our Beijing office may not have had a huge video wall adorning its entrance like many of the high-end stores on Wangfujing, but it did have a very well-designed digital signage system inside with a large number of screens placed at strategic locations pumping out a wide variety of promotional and advertising content to catch the attention of shoppers. Continue reading Beijing Supermarket Digital Signage