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Dockless bike sharing services: a light-touch approach

Dockless bike sharing services

Dockless bike sharing services have become such a fixture of the streets of China’s cities that municipal governments are finally taking steps to rein in the most egregious aspects of anti-social behavior by inconsiderate users who simply leave their contraption anywhere when they have reached their destination. Judging by some of the sights I came across during my recent trip to Shanghai and Beijing, they are starting to make some progress – but they still have some way to go before they take back the streets. Continue reading Dockless bike sharing services: a light-touch approach

CES Asia 2017

jd.com delivery bot

CES Asia was a lot of fun last week. Judging by the dizzying array of robots, autos, drones, and smart home devices on display, the China IoT market is in a robust and healthy state. The days when the country’s tech industry was a follower are well and truly over. Now its startups, manufacturers, and Internet giants are starting to set the pace for innovation and are set to make massive inroads in global markets. Continue reading CES Asia 2017

VIA Smart HMI starter kits at Embedded World 2017

Smart kiosk

Signage systems, interactive kiosks, smart lockers, and smart vending machines are fast becoming an integral element of the smart transportation infrastructure as hub operators look deliver a greater variety of passenger information, shopping, and storage services in their facilities. Continue reading VIA Smart HMI starter kits at Embedded World 2017

Smart slumber at CES 2017

bed reborn

When I went through all the photos I took at CES earlier today, I was struck by how many pictures I shot of smart beds and related sleeping aids. I can’t for the life of me remember why I did this. Perhaps it was because I was subconsciously drawn to the soothing images of restful slumber by the dreadful jet lag I was suffering, or perhaps it was simply because the booths displaying them were close to mine. Continue reading Smart slumber at CES 2017