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Smart slumber at CES 2017

bed reborn

When I went through all the photos I took at CES earlier today, I was struck by how many pictures I shot of smart beds and related sleeping aids. I can’t for the life of me remember why I did this. Perhaps it was because I was subconsciously drawn to the soothing images of restful slumber by the dreadful jet lag I was suffering, or perhaps it was simply because the booths displaying them were close to mine. Continue reading Smart slumber at CES 2017

Kérastase Hair Coach: the smart brush arrives

Kérastase Hair Coach
Kérastase Hair Coach

Since I have no understanding at all of the mysteries of the beauty business, I have no way of judging whether the Kérastase Hair Coach that has been launched at CES will be a success or not. However, I’m pretty confident that having seen the announcement more than a few companies in Shenzhen will already be working on similar smart brushes and will probably beat L’Oreal to market with significantly cheaper devices. Continue reading Kérastase Hair Coach: the smart brush arrives

Target Open House


Despite all the hype and noise about the myriad wonders of the IoT, selling connected locks, thermometers, scales, and other gadgets to the mainstream consumer still remains a huge challenge. How do you show people how all these miracles of modern technology will work together to create a wondrous smart lifestyle every room will be at the perfect temperature, the washing machine will only run when electricity is at its lowest rate, and the dog hasn’t escaped because you forgot to close the door in your rush to get to work? Continue reading Target Open House

Weekend IoT Reading: big small data

There’s a strong big data flavor to my IoT news round up this week. Or should I say small data? Forbes contributor Mike Kavis provides a very convincing argument about the importance of small datasets captured by sensors on smart devices such as wind turbines and packages in triggering events that can lead to instant savings such as reductions in energy bills. He concludes by saying that “optimizing these business processes can save companies millions of dollars through the analysis of relatively small datasets. Small data knows what a tracked object is doing.” Continue reading Weekend IoT Reading: big small data