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The White Tiger


Like Britain during the 19th century Industrial Revolution, Indian society is going through wrenching changes as the country rapidly industrializes and people migrate from the rural areas to the cities in search of new employment opportunities. The only real difference is that the transformation taking place in India is happening on a much more massive scale involving tens, if not hundreds of millions of people, and at a much faster rate. Continue reading The White Tiger

Sea of Poppies


What was the impact of the opium trade on India? This wasn’t a question I’d ever considered until I read Sea of Poppies, the wonderful new novel from Amitav Ghosh. Set in the period leading up to the outbreak of the First Opium War, the book describes the epic voyage of the ship Ibis and its motley crew of convicts, indentured laborers, sailors, and ex-pirates from Calcutta to the island of Mauritius. Continue reading Sea of Poppies

The Story of my Assassins


Half way through The Story of My Assassins by Tarun Tejpal, I felt like giving up on the book. This was not because the writing was poor or the plot was boring; it was simply that I felt as if my head was being constantly battered by a sledgehammer, so intense and depressing were the author’s descriptions of what the blurb on the dust jacket calls the “dark underside” and “unbearable realities” of modern India. Continue reading The Story of my Assassins