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Notes from the field: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s quite a relief to be able to take a short break after such a long and hot summer, particularly as the weather has decided to join in with the holiday spirit. The air was cool and fresh on the Four Beasts this morning and the views of Taipei under the clear blue skies were amazing. Here’s hoping that the weather forecast for the next few days stays true to its word.

On the subject of forecasts, I’m not sure I want to be in the business of making ones about the economy given the crazy times we’re living in, but what I will say is that we are seeing a rapid growth of interest in our VIA Mobile360 in-vehicle systems in China, Taiwan, the US, and the UK. Even though the hype about autonomous vehicles has abated, interest in adopting AI, Computer Vision, and Cloud technologies for transportation safety, fleet management, and new mobility services continues to accelerate. Continue reading Notes from the field: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!