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Boosting taxi fleet safety and efficiency with dual-camera drive recorders

dual-camera driver recorders

The taxi industry is changing rapidly. Disrupted by technology, challenged by new ridesharing businesses, and threatened by the approach of self-driving cars, taxis and private hire firms must find new ways to compete. At the same time, their drivers have deal with busier roads, passenger disputes, and even verbal and physical assaults.

To meet these new challenges, taxi operators and private hire fleets need to increase both the efficiency and reputation of their fleets. That requires maximizing vehicle utilization, optimizing route planning, and enhancing the professionalism of their drivers. This is a tall order, but just as technology is creating challenges it is also providing solutions: one of which is smarter, cloud-connected dual -camera drive recorders. Continue reading Boosting taxi fleet safety and efficiency with dual-camera drive recorders

Boosting road safety by submitting dashcam footage

dashcam footage

Dash cam and drive recording technology enables fleets and regular motorists to prove liability in the event of an accident, helping to protect innocent drivers. But law enforcement departments are also increasingly keen to use footage to help prosecute law-breakers. For resource-strapped law enforcement agencies, the footage recorded by the increasing number of dash cams in operation provides an invaluable source of high-quality evidence. However, by submitting dash cam footage to the police, are we driving ourselves further towards a surveillance society? Or do the potential benefits in road safety outweigh such concerns?

It’s hard to argue against the benefits of a dash cam or drive recorder. Vehicles are expensive, roads continue to get busier and accidents do inevitably happen. When they do, it’s great to be able to prove how events unfolded, and resolve issues as smoothly as possible. But drive around for long enough and your drive recorder is also likely to capture plenty of bad, or even illegal driving from other motorists. Even if it didn’t lead to an accident, and whether or not you were directly involved, you might still want to do something with the footage. Continue reading Boosting road safety by submitting dashcam footage

Why drive recorders can help improve ridesharing services

drive recorders ridesharing

Ridesharing companies and their drivers provide a convenient answer to some of the 21st century’s most pressing transport problems. With millions of worldwide users, Uber, Lyft, DiDi and their rivals provide a valuable service, but the disruptive nature of this service can present additional challenges relating to unprofessional, and even criminal behavior from a small minority of drivers. By investing in drive recording technology, ridesharing operators are far better equipped to protect passengers, drivers, and their reputation.

Like so many other disruptive technologies, it’s hard to imagine a world without ridesharing and ride-hailing companies like Uber. Founded in 2009, Uber has grown to account for a staggering 5.23 billion rides globally in 2018, with the company now operating in nearly 800 towns and cities worldwide. For millions of city-dwellers, Uber and its competitors have become a popular choice for commuters, beating more traditional transportation options in terms of convenience, value and integration with our increasingly digitized lives. Continue reading Why drive recorders can help improve ridesharing services

VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit: surround view monitoring in harsh environments

surround view monitoring in harsh environments

The mining and excavation industry operates some of the largest vehicles on earth, moving tons of material every day by using super-sized vehicles like trucks, diggers and excavators. One of the biggest challenges from a safety perspective is that these massive vehicles can pose quite a danger to other on-site workers, largely due to blind spots in the vehicle operator’s field of view. To reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, many mining and quarry operators are turning to advanced surround view monitoring technologies to improve safety. Continue reading VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit: surround view monitoring in harsh environments

Introducing the new VIA Mobile360 D700 commercial-grade drive recorder

One of our primary objectives with the VIA Mobile360 family is to create a range of commercial-grade systems and devices that make it easier for fleet operators to add intelligent driver assistance capabilities to their existing vehicles in order to enhance safety and efficiency.

For operators of buses, trucks, and heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes, we have been developing highly-integrated solutions such as the recently launched VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit that deliver an optimized blend of ADAS, 360-degree Surround View, DMS, and related technologies for the target application. On top of that, we also offer flexible hardware, software, AI, and cloud customization services to ensure that the installation meets the specific deployment needs of the customer. Continue reading Introducing the new VIA Mobile360 D700 commercial-grade drive recorder

How dual-cam drive recorders can improve fleet safety and efficiency

dual-cam drive recorders

If you manage a delivery service, taxi company or a haulage fleet, your vehicles and drivers represent a considerable investment. As the demands on these services continue to change and evolve, it’s imperative that you do what you can to protect your investment and maximize the efficiency and performance of your operations. To this end, in-vehicle dual-cam drive recorders are fast becoming a must-have. Let’s explore how these technologies can deliver measurable benefits in terms of safety for your fleet and save you money in the process. Continue reading How dual-cam drive recorders can improve fleet safety and efficiency

How AI and drive recorders will transform fleet management

drive recorder for fleet management

Rapid advances in ADAS, cloud, remote connectivity, real-time video capture and processing, and AI technologies promise to make the management of a fleet of vehicles and drivers more efficient and effective than ever before. Here are some of the advances that are shaping fleet management in 2019 – and beyond.

Drive Recorders for Fleet Management

The emergence of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technologies means that comprehensive and intelligent driver assistance is within reach. However, since not all businesses are ready for the cost and complexity of the fleet-wide implementation of ADAS, the development of smarter and more connected drive recorders will provide a critical stepping stone for companies planning to boost the safety, responsiveness, and productivity of their fleets. Continue reading How AI and drive recorders will transform fleet management

Buckle up for the great autonomous vehicle race

asimba unmanned delivery vehicle

It’s hard work keeping up with all the noise and hype surrounding the great autonomous vehicle race. Will a winner cross the finishing line next year or in five years’ time? Everybody has a different answer to this question. Will the winner come from the US, Germany, or China? This is when things to start to get really interesting.

And will the ultimate winner turn out to be a company that doesn’t even design or manufacture autonomous cars at all but operates huge fleets of them like airlines today and wrests control of the all-important consumer relationship away from the world’s top global automotive brands? This is a strong possibility – but whether the likes of Uber and Lyft will prove to be the winners isn’t clear at this stage despite what they have been claiming in their IPO documents. Continue reading Buckle up for the great autonomous vehicle race