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Disciples of Confucius: Tantai Mieming

There is a lot controversy over the exact identity of Tantai Mieming (澹臺滅明). According to the Records of the Historian (not always the most reliable of sources), he was so ugly that the first time Confucius met him, he mistook him for being stupid. It was only later that the sage realized his error and grew to appreciate him for his exemplary moral conduct. Continue reading Disciples of Confucius: Tantai Mieming

Disciples of Confucius: Yuan Xian

Yuan Xian (原憲) was also known by the courtesy name of Zisi (子思) and the name of Yuan Si (原思). Born in either in the state of Song (宋) or state of Lu (魯) in around 586 BC, he was over thirty years younger than Confucius and was noted for the excessive, some might say ostentatious, zeal with which pursuing a path of fastidious purity. Even Confucius was moved to criticize him for going too far, telling him that he shouldn’t decline the salary he was offered for an official position in Chapter V of Book 6. Continue reading Disciples of Confucius: Yuan Xian

Confucius’s disciples categorized

Virtuous conduct: Yan Hui, Min Ziqian, Ran Boniu, Ran Yong. Eloquent speech: Zai Yu, Zigong. Government and administration: Ran Qiu, Zilu. Cultural accomplishments: Ziyou, Zixia.

It is not known whether Confucius or the early compilers of the Analects made this assessment of his disciples. Continue reading Confucius’s disciples categorized