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Analects of Confucius Book 1: Confucius on culture


The character 文 (wén) originally meant “patterns”, though it is more often translated as “culture” or “civilization” as it refers to arts such as literature, calligraphy, music, ritual, mathematics, and even archery and charioteering. Continue reading Analects of Confucius Book 1: Confucius on culture

Leadership advice

Zizhang asked about governance. Confucius said: “Execute the responsibilities of your office untiringly. Carry out your duties loyally.”

Confucius said: “If you expand your learning through culture and keep your behavior in check with the rites you are unlikely to go wrong.”

Confucius said: “A leader brings out the good in people – not the bad. A petty person does exactly the opposite.”

Some useful leadership advice: if you set the right example to others and bring out the good in them, they will automatically follow you. Continue reading Leadership advice