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Leadership lessons from Confucius: adhering to ritual

adhering to the rites

It’s good to be back in the peace and quiet of the Lincolnshire Fens. I’m hoping that the fog that has gathered in my head will lift so that I can forge ahead with my Leadership Lessons from Confucius project. This has stalled over the last few weeks thanks – I like to tell myself at least – a heavy working schedule.

One of the central concepts that Confucius promoted in his teachings is the importance of adhering to ritual (禮/lǐ) in building up your character. By repeatedly carrying out even the most mundane of actions such as eating or greeting another person in the proper manner, you build up a strong internal muscle memory that enables you to behave in the most appropriate way without even having to think about what you are doing. Continue reading Leadership lessons from Confucius: adhering to ritual