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Leadership Lessons from Confucius: enjoy your wealth

enjoy your wealth

Confucius commented that Prince Jing of Wei knew how to manage the finances of his household well: “When he began to accumulate some wealth, he said ‘this is truly an ideal fit.’ As his wealth increased, he said ‘this is truly complete.’ When his wealth became considerable, he said ‘this is truly beautiful.’”

Enjoy your wealth. You’ve deserved it. Just be sure to manage it responsibly. Don’t go overboard with the accumulation of possessions that you’ll never have any use of or get caught up in competitive displays of ostentation with others to prove that you’ve truly made it. No matter how massive and luxurious your yacht is, it won’t be long before somebody else comes along with something even grander and even more tasteless. Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Confucius: enjoy your wealth