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Leadership lessons from Confucius: a bright shiny object

bright shiny object

The leadership of Lu was planning to demolish the Long Treasury and rebuild it. Min Ziqian said: “Why not just repair the old structure? Why build a new one?” Confucius said: “This man rarely speaks, but when he does he hits the mark.” (1)

It’s always much more exciting to work on a new project than on maintaining or upgrading an existing one – not to mention more beneficial to your career because of the increased exposure it will give you. After all, who has time to pay attention to the poor suckers beavering away in the background when there’s a brand-new bright shiny object to gawp at? Continue reading Leadership lessons from Confucius: a bright shiny object

Followers of Confucius: Min Ziqian

Min Ziqian (閔子騫), also known by the formal name of Min Sun (閔損), was another of Confucius’s compatriots from the state of Lu and widely renowned as a model of filial devotion.

After the untimely death of his own mother, he suffered terrible abuse from his father’s second wife, almost dying of cold on one occasion after she had lined his clothes with reed catkins instead of the warm cotton she used for the garments of her own two sons. Continue reading Followers of Confucius: Min Ziqian