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Smart slumber at CES 2017

bed reborn

When I went through all the photos I took at CES earlier today, I was struck by how many pictures I shot of smart beds and related sleeping aids. I can’t for the life of me remember why I did this. Perhaps it was because I was subconsciously drawn to the soothing images of restful slumber by the dreadful jet lag I was suffering, or perhaps it was simply because the booths displaying them were close to mine. Continue reading Smart slumber at CES 2017

Kérastase Hair Coach: the smart brush arrives

Kérastase Hair Coach
Kérastase Hair Coach

Since I have no understanding at all of the mysteries of the beauty business, I have no way of judging whether the Kérastase Hair Coach that has been launched at CES will be a success or not. However, I’m pretty confident that having seen the announcement more than a few companies in Shenzhen will already be working on similar smart brushes and will probably beat L’Oreal to market with significantly cheaper devices. Continue reading Kérastase Hair Coach: the smart brush arrives