Loyalty and trustworthiness

子曰:「主忠信,毋友不如己者,過則勿憚改。」 Confucius said: “Hold loyalty and trustworthiness as your highest principles; don’t make friends with people who are not your equal; and when you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to correct yourself.” Presumably this is the kind of advice Confucius had in mind in the previous chapter. This is a repeat of the second … Continue reading Loyalty and trustworthiness

Leadership Lessons from Confucius: achieving the greatest impact

Analects of Confucius 13.4. Your time and talent are precious. Focus them on where you’ll achieve the greatest impact. If you manage a team concentrate on making sure that you have the right people, culture, and processes in place to make sure it operates successfully. Leave the technical questions for the appropriate experts.

Leadership lessons from Confucius: we all make mistakes

We all make mistakes. The key is having the courage and intellectual honesty to recognize them and move swiftly to correct them. Once the problem is sorted out, it also means putting in the hard work of carefully analyzing what went wrong and the reasons for it so that you can make sure it’s never repeated.