Notes from the field: ramping up video production for the lunar new year

Like most major companies in Taiwan we have canceled our traditional Lunar New Year party. Better safe than sorry when it comes to Covid-19 prevention.

Since we have enough space in our office for a socially-distanced company meeting, we still plan to hold this tomorrow. But rather than inflict death by management PowerPoint on everyone, we have invited staff in our Taiwan and China operations to share their thoughts on what they have learned during the past year through video.

Persuading camera-shy engineers to talk in front of a lens was a challenging first step in the process. Convincing them that we wanted them to share their actual experiences rather than tell us what they thought we wanted to hear wasn’t exactly a cakewalk either. Many people find it difficult to speak naturally when they know that they will be watched by hundreds of their friends and colleagues.

ramping up video production

Editing the clips and tying them altogether into an engaging narrative proved to be a big challenge for my small team. Although we have ramped up our video production capabilities over the past year, we had never attempted anything on this scale before. I am extremely grateful to my colleagues for rising to the occasion and delivering extremely high-quality work within a very short time period.

Even if we do eventually return to some kind of pre-Covid-19 normal, video is going to play an increasingly pivotal role in both internal and external communications. Becoming accustomed to videoconferencing tools like Zoom is just the first step in a long-term process of optimizing video, multimedia, cloud, AI, and compute technologies for new applications and formats.

The sooner you can start to ramp up your video production and broadcasting capabilities the better. It’s only by experimenting with the technology that you will begin to get a sense for the new opportunities that video opens up for enabling new and more effective ways of communication and engagement.

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