Notes from the field: a hectic start to the year!

hectic start

A hectic start to the year! Many of the projects we have been quietly working on over the past couple of years are finally ready for prime time.

Take the strategic agreement we recently signed with King Long, one of the leading bus manufacturers in the world, as an example. We are very excited to be teaming up with them on the development of 5G passenger and commercial applications. The potential is huge, not just in China but throughout the world.

From a personal perspective, I am most interested in the educational programs VIA and King Long are launching to teach university and vocational institution students how to design, build, and maintain autonomous vehicles. These programs give students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of core autonomous driving technologies and gain hands-on experience in developing AI applications and integrating them into vehicles using a VIA Headway L4 Autonomous Prototype Vehicle platform.

As the transition to EVs gathers pace, many jobs in the traditional auto manufacturing and services sectors will disappear during the coming decade. It is vital that students and workers are provided with the education and training they will need to develop the knowledge and skills required for this new era. Our aim with the VIA Headway Platform is to make it easy for schools, vocational colleges, and universities to roll out appropriate courses to meet this need.

Since we announced VIA Headway in China in the middle of last year, we have received a very positive response from educators, government officials, and students across the country. For Chinese-language information, please check out the VIA Headway site here. We plan to publish more English-language information about the platform in the coming weeks.

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