Notes from the field: integrating Edge AI devices with the cloud

integrating Edge AI devices with the cloud

No Edge AI device is an island. To maximize the value of the data every device collects, events it records, and alerts it issues, you will need to integrate them with the cloud so that you can build up a complete picture of what is happening across your operations and identify usage and behavioral patterns that need to be addressed.

We have been given a glimpse of the potential benefits that you can reap from integrating Edge AI devices with the cloud with the development of our demonstration VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal for the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam.

As this article explains, even with fairly limited baseline functionality the portal enables you to monitor the status of your vehicles in real-time, access and tabulate relevant statistics such as total hours driven, distance driven, and fuel consumption, and take a deep dive into the details of a particular trip. And that’s just for starters – the potential features and applications that can be built on top of it to meet the specific needs of your business are simply enormous.

To facilitate cloud integration, the VIA Mobile360 D700 features a comprehensive SDK that is compatible with all major cloud platforms. As an AWS IoT Core Qualified and AWS Kinesis Video Streams Qualified device, the D700 provides a seamless path for the development of AWS applications and services. A 30-day free trial of our AWS-powered demonstration VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal, including 50 hours of live streaming using Amazon KVS, also comes with each device.

For a more detailed look at the basic architecture and functionality of the demonstration VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal, please click here.

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