Notes from the field: analyzing the autonomous vehicle market

analyzing the autonomous vehicle market

When analyzing the autonomous vehicle market, it’s useful to divide it into two key segments. The first and by far the biggest of these is vehicle safety. This is where most of the growth has been over the last decade as auto makers have added more and more ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to their vehicles either as standard or an optional add-on.

During the current decade, the integration of smart assisted and autonomous driving features in new vehicles will continue to accelerate as a result of combination of factors, including fierce market competition, rapid technology development, and stricter government regulations. By 2030, most new vehicles will have the ability to drive autonomously even though they likely will still have a driver – much like jet planes fly today. While autonomous driving will be possible on most major highways, it will still be severely limited in cities and towns because of the complexity of urban environments.

The aftermarket for retrofitting existing vehicles is also set for rapid growth during this decade, most notably for commercial, public transportation, and industrial applications. There are roughly 300 million such vehicles in operation today. Many will need to be upgraded to meet ever more stringent safety requirements, as well as for the purpose of boosting fleet utilization and efficiency.

analyzing the autonomous vehicle market

This is the sector that VIA has been focusing over the past three years with the development of VIA Mobile360 M800 Series systems and D700 Series AI dash cams. To meet the diverse deployment needs of customers within this sector, our goal is to build a scalable platform that can be rapidly customized for different use cases. In addition to ruggedized in-vehicle systems and devices, this includes our own home-grown ADAS and DMS algorithms, validated cameras and other sensors, and the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal powered by Amazon Web Services.

analyzing the autonomous vehicle market

The recently-launched VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit provides an excellent example of the benefits of this approach. By combining the VIA Mobile360 M810 system with four FOV-90° cameras enabling 360° panoramic video and front and rear DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection) and an FOV-60° camera for the DMS (Driver Monitoring System), we have created a solution that can be easily installed in virtually any type of forklift today while leaving ample headroom for any functional upgrades that are needed tomorrow.

It is this scalable approach that we will apply as we continue to expand our VIA Mobile360 family of vehicle safety solutions in the future.

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