5 Ways the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit Averts Forklift Accidents

Accidents can easily happen in busy warehouses where it’s impossible for operators to see everything that’s happening around them. With the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit, you can give your operators an extra set of eyes to identify potential hazards in time to take preventative action. Here are five ways that the kit averts forklift accidents.

Driver Authorization

Basic forklift operation might seem simple enough for a “helpful” colleague to try to use one to help out in busy periods, but the proper and safe operation of a forklift requires professional training and experience with using the equipment. To prevent unauthorized personnel from operating the vehicle, the VIA Mobile360 DMS (Driver Monitoring System) can be set up to authorize the driver using facial recognition technology. This eliminates any chance of someone borrowing an ID card to operate the vehicle and ensures that only authorized personnel can use the equipment.

Driver Monitoring

Even the most professional forklift operators can fall into bad habits or become too tired to function effectively. When it detects signs of fatigue or distraction, the VIA Mobile360 DMS technology automatically triggers a visual or audio alert to remind the operator to correct their behavior before it becomes a threat to their safety or wellbeing.

Surround View

When the operator is driving the vehicle, VIA Mobile360 SVS (Surround View System) technology displays a real-time 360-degree panoramic view of conditions around the vehicle on a high-resolution 7” screen in the cabin. Rather than relying on someone outside the forklift to keep an eye open for potential hazards, the operator can know immediately when other people or vehicles come too close.

Tri-Band Viewer

To make it easier for the operator to judge distance, VIA Mobile360 SVS technology features the Tri-Band viewer with overlaying proximity indicators over the 360-degree view of the forklift. The Tri-Band viewer features three circles to indicate proximity: a green circle at five meters, a yellow circle at three meters, and a red circle at one meter. With these visual cues, the system plays the role of supervisor keeping an eye out. By shave valuable milliseconds off response times, it enables operators to take corrective action in a more timely manner.

Dynamic Moving Object Detection

Although cues are a vital first step in improving operator situational awareness, DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection) support from the front and rear cameras adds another layer of protection. When it detects a potential safety threat such as when a person or another vehicle moves into close range, DMOD will sound an alarm so that the operator can immediately take appropriate action to avoid a potential accident.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced warehouse environments, the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit provides a smart and dependable second set of eyes that makes forklift operation safer in many different ways. To learn more, please click here.

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