Accelerating AI education in schools with VIA Pixetto

Accelerating AI learning

There can be little doubt that computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are becoming more important than ever in education, and a crucial form of literacy for the next generation of school children. But inspiring young people to engage with this complex world of often daunting technology can be far from easy.

To meet this challenge, VIA is bringing the VIA Pixetto vision sensor to market. With a host of in-built vision sensor features, support for visual block programming, and an easy-to-use Machine Learning Accelerator, it provides the ideal platform for accelerating AI education in schools.

Accelerating AI education

Empowering Students with 21st Century Thinking

Learning how to code resembles learning a new language, and as language teachers have long known, language acquisition comes much easier to the minds of the young. As well as the linguistic aspects of working with code, programming requires a degree of scientific discipline. Students need to learn how to think creatively, but also to reason systematically and work collaboratively. VIA Pixetto is designed to provide the perfect environment to acquire and hone these abilities.

One key element of VIA Pixetto is the integration of pre-built vision AI models for recognizing objects, shapes, colors, faces, and symbols such as letters and numbers. Using the VIA Pixetto software, students can get these models up and running in minutes. With a little creativity and some basic coding using visual blocks, students can then begin creating and sharing their own unique projects. We’ve also created the VIA Pixetto Machine Learning Accelerator to make it possible to build entirely new models that train the vision sensor to recognize different shapes or objects, further opening up the realms of possibility.

VIA Pixetto is also Scratch 3.0 compliant, which means that projects can be coded using visual, event-driven blocks. This makes programming far more accessible for younger students, allowing them to create fun and interactive stories, games, and animations that can interact with the VIA Pixetto vision sensor.

Accelerating AI education in schools

VIA Pixetto Vision Sensor

As well as a addressing the needs of school students, VIA Pixetto is also a valuable component for any maker or robotics enthusiast working on projects that require fast and accurate vision sensing.

In purely hardware terms, VIA Pixetto is a compact 38cm x 38cm, Full HD vision sensor designed to complement virtually any hobbyist robotics project. Its built-in processor allows it to quickly recognize colors, shapes and symbols, opening up a broad variety of applications that involve vision sensing. It uses a UART interface to connect to any Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or micro:bit based project, and also includes an integrated microphone, USB2.0 port, SD card slot and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

For any maker or robotics hobbyist, VIA Pixetto is an obvious candidate that, simply put, adds an intelligent pair of eyes to your project. Although it is highly suited to younger learners, VIA Pixetto also caters for more advanced and experienced users by leveraging software library support that includes Python and TensorFlow.

VIA Pixetto Availability

VIA Pixetto is available now and can be ordered from the VIA store for US$85, plus shipping. Visit the VIA Pixetto website where you can find technical details, plus the tools and tutorials needed to get started.

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