Introducing the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit

Warehouses and logistics hubs have never been busier as they scramble to meet accelerating demand for home and office deliveries as a result of Covid19. Ensuring the safety of staff amid the relentless pressure to fulfill the avalanche of orders can be a huge challenge. It only takes a momentary loss of concentration by someone inadvertently stepping in front of a forklift to cause a serious injury and thousands of dollars of damage to the goods it’s transporting.

Our aim with the new VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit is to harness the power of Computer Vision and AI technologies is to enable warehouse managers to prevent such accidents from happening. With real-time 360° SVS (Surround View System) video and DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection) capabilities, the kit enables forklift operators to identify potential safety threats such as the unexpected arrival of another person or vehicle within a close range in time to take appropriate action to avert a collision. Continue reading Introducing the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit

Accelerating AI education in schools with VIA Pixetto

Accelerating AI learning

There can be little doubt that computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are becoming more important than ever in education, and a crucial form of literacy for the next generation of school children. But inspiring young people to engage with this complex world of often daunting technology can be far from easy.

To meet this challenge, VIA is bringing the VIA Pixetto vision sensor to market. With a host of in-built vision sensor features, support for visual block programming, and an easy-to-use Machine Learning Accelerator, it provides the ideal platform for accelerating AI education in schools. Continue reading Accelerating AI education in schools with VIA Pixetto