notes from the field: gearing up for Conexpo Con/Agg 2020

work truck show 2020

The end of a great week at Work Truck Show 2020! This was the first time VIA has attended the event, and I was very impressed with the organization and the enthusiastic response we received from attendees who visited our booth. There is a huge pent-up demand in the market for AI systems like ours that boost vehicle safety and utilization. I’m already looking forward to returning to Indianapolis for the show next year!

The next stop on my itinerary is Las Vegas for Conexpo Con/Agg 2020, which starts next Tuesday, March 10. In addition to the product line-up we had at the Work Truck Show, we’ll be showing our new VIA Mobile360 Sense Obstacle Detection solution at our booth.

Work Truck Show 2020

This is an advanced in-vehicle safety system that uses sensor fusion to give drivers and operators of larger vehicles and machines vastly improved situational awareness, especially in heavy industrial, construction, and mining environments. It combines VIA Mobile360 Surround View technology enabled by four FOV-190° gen-lock cameras located on each side of the vehicle with an array of ultrasonic proximity sensors that can detect people or objects around the vehicle at a distance of up to six feet. This sensor data is reproduced on screen in color bands that represent the relative distance from the vehicle.

When people discuss the relative merits of using cameras or lidar or radar in automotive solutions, they are in many ways missing the key point. It’s not a case of which particular technology is “better”, but how they can be best to combined to meet the needs of a specific installation or use case.

While cameras offer a clear view of a vehicle’s surroundings in most conditions, for example, ultrasonic proximity sensors are much more effective in dusty, foggy or low light conditions or times when camera vision may be impaired. Our approach, therefore, is to leverage sensor fusion to bring together the best of both worlds where required.

In this video, VIA Senior Sales Director Ciaran Mac Neill provides a tour of the Obstacle Detection demo that we’ll be showing at Conexpo Con/Agg. If you’re planning on attending the show, please feel free to drop by our booth at #B90725 in the Bronze Hall to take a look at it in person.

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