Notes from the field: transitioning to the vehicle safety market

5:00am at the Days Inn in Fremont, California. I always get terrible jetlag flying this way over the Pacific no matter how late I stay up on the evening I arrive. At least I’ll only be here a couple of days before flying back to Taiwan for the Lunar New Year holiday.

A couple of intense days, that is, as we finalize our plans for the US market this year. Transitioning to the vehicle safety market promises to be a huge (but fun) challenge. Having the right technologies and products in place is just the first step in a long process of learning about the needs and culture of this new market.

In March and April, we will be putting ourselves out there at the World Truck Show in Indianapolis, Conexpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas, before returning to Indianapolis for NAFA. You can read more about our plans for the World Truck Show and Conexpo-Con/Agg here and here. I’m looking forward to attending both these events. Let me know if you would like to set up a meeting with me or my colleagues if you’re planning to attend them.

During our meetings in Taiwan at the beginning of the year, we asked our top global executives to look back on our past and share their views about our future. We’ve just posted the first of these interviews featuring our US head of sales Ciaran Mac Neill, in which he talks about how VIA has evolved from semiconductor design to embedded boards and systems and now to customized vehicle safety systems.

As Ciaran points out in the video, our invention of the Mini-ITX form factor played a key role in this transition by enabling VIA to create a complete ecosystem to drive proliferation of systems based around this platform. The lessons we learned from this are proving invaluable as we build up partnerships with key sensor, camera, and cloud partners for the development of VIA Mobile360 in-vehicle systems.

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