2019 highlights: two great Chinese history podcasts

two great Chinese history podcasts
Qufu City Wall

I can’t close the year of 2019 without giving a huge vote of thanks to Laszlo Montgomery and Chris Stewart for their incredible dedication in writing and producing my two favorite podcasts about China’s history. Both programs are absolute goldmines of information and insight about this rich and complex topic. I have no idea how they find the time to carry out all the research and writing required to produce such high-quality content on such a consistent basis. Their obvious passion is truly inspiring!

The China History podcast was started in June 9, 2010. It covers a dizzying array of topics – from art, literature, and philosophy to the rise and fall of each dynasty, great figures in Chinese history, and even the 1930s Shanghai jazz scene. Laszlo Montgomery’s deep knowledge of China and his enthusiasm for its language, history, and culture shines brightly through his inimitable narrative style. You can visit the China History podcast website here.

Two great Chinese history podcasts
Temple of the Duke of Zhou. Qufu

The History of China podcast is a little more recent, having been started on November 23, 2013. It is produced in a chronological format, and Chris Stewart provides an engaging and detailed narrative of the myriad twists and turns in the dynastic cycle. So far it has taken Chris six years to guide us from the mythical origins of China to the Yuan dynasty. I would suspect that he will need at least the same amount of time to bring us to the present day. You can visit the History of China podcast website here.

As China continues its rapid development, it’s never been more important for people around the world to understand the history and culture of this great nation. Laszlo and Chris provide an invaluable service in bringing the triumphs and tragedies of China’s colorful past to life with their amazing podcasts.

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