Notes from the field: a morning hike in the Four Beasts Scenic Area

Four Beasts Scenic Area

A pleasure to return to the Four Beasts Scenic Area this morning, even though my lungs and legs took a little time to readjust to the demands of climbing after a couple of weeks of pounding along flat fenland lanes.

One reason I enjoy hiking at the Four Beasts is the strong community spirit among the people who hit its trails. It’s always nice to be greeted by a friendly smile from someone I meet along the way and fun to watch groups of friends and neighbors exercise together at various spots on the hillside. The community spirit is even stronger at the nearby Yucheng Park. This morning the place was packed with people doing Taichi together. What a perfect way to start the day!

Four Beasts Scenic Area

While it’s drawn a lot of derision from various quarters, I have to say that I’m a big fan of the Tesla Cybertruck that the World’s Greatest Showman announced yesterday. There’s no rule that all cars or pickups should look virtually the same. Why not try something different?

Of course, the Cybertruck won’t appeal to everyone, but it isn’t meant to. Electric Vehicles offer much more opportunities for innovative design than conventional ones powered by gas or diesel. Success in the market will come to companies that dare to differentiate in terms of style, form factor, materials, and performance.

I can’t help wondering whether any other EV manufacturers will come out with similar Post-Apocalypse designs in the near future. Give the generally positive response to the Cybertruck in China, a Mad Max LSEV may not be entirely outside the realms of possibility!

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