Notes from the field: VIA Mobile360 D700 tested for mini challenge racing

mini challenge racing

When bringing a new device to market it’s crucial to conduct a series of validation tests to ensure the product meets all design expectations. With the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder, however, we were given the chance to take product testing to another level entirely – installing the device inside a competitive race car!

The story begins at the ACI Vallelunga racing circuit just twenty miles North of Rome, Italy where VIA is sponsoring a Mini Challenge racing team. The Progetto E20 team were competing in the MINI Challenge Italy Championship, a racing format where drivers compete in super-charged, modified Austin Mini racing cars.

Apart from giving us the chance to have some fun and support a very interesting and accessible branch of the Motorsport family, it was also fantastic opportunity to see exactly how well the device would perform in more demanding environments. As you can imagine, being placed on the dash of a competitive racing vehicle is considerably more demanding in terms of vibration stress than regular highway driving for example.

From the perspective of the drivers competing in the competition, the VIA Mobile360 D700 offers a great way to simultaneously record high quality footage from both inside and outside the vehicle, thanks to its dual 1080p lenses. Be sure to check out the video below to see some of the footage of the road ahead, and the driver as he grapples with steering the racing car around the racing circuit.

The great thing about being able to record high quality footage of the race is that the competing driver can study his performance after the event, analyzing each turn of the circuit to assess possible ways to gain an edge in the next race.

Progetto E20 team manager Andrea Corinaldesi noted: “It was great to work with VIA to implement a really solid drive recorder into the vehicle. Having HD quality footage of the race from these two perspectives will give us an edge in the competitions to come.”


The VIA Mobile360 D700 is a  compact dual-camera 1080p drive recorder that is available with custom software support, CAN bus support, and seamless cloud integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VIA E-Track. The unobtrusive and compact design includes Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS support with live tracking using a customizable Android smartphone or Apple® iPhone® reference app, a 3-axis G-sensor, and four infra-red LEDs that ensure a clear video stream of the vehicle’s interior at all times.

Learn more about the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder here:

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