VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit: surround view monitoring in harsh environments

surround view monitoring in harsh environments

The mining and excavation industry operates some of the largest vehicles on earth, moving tons of material every day by using super-sized vehicles like trucks, diggers and excavators. One of the biggest challenges from a safety perspective is that these massive vehicles can pose quite a danger to other on-site workers, largely due to blind spots in the vehicle operator’s field of view. To reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, many mining and quarry operators are turning to advanced surround view monitoring technologies to improve safety.

Improving Situational Awareness with Surround View Monitoring

In response to this growing demand for surround view monitoring in harsh environments, we launched the VIA Mobile 360 Mining Kit at the CIM 2019 Convention in Montreal in April this year. The kit features four FOV-190 Genlock cameras which are placed around the exterior of the vehicle to capture a real-time view of its surroundings. The four video streams are then stitched together using VIA Mobile360 SVS technology inside the vehicle and streamed live to the cockpit’s ruggedized display – giving the operator a vastly improved perspective of their immediate environment.

ssurround view monitoring in harsh environments

To further enhance surround view monitoring we have also developed an onscreen Tri-band viewer that highlights the area around the vehicle by adding three distinct color bands that indicate different levels of proximity. This gives the vehicle operator a better sense of just how close objects, people, or vehicles are in relation to the vehicle’s position.

The Tri-band viewer allows the vehicle operator to react faster when people, objects, and other vehicles come too close to the vehicle and take immediate preventative action. We can also add up to three FOV-40 cameras to enable Blind Spot Detection and Forward Collision Warning features to further enhance on-site safety. VIA Mobile360 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technologies like these not only improve safety but can also help to lower operational costs by reducing the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Reliability in the Harshest Environments

Mines and quarries place rigorous demands on computing and communications systems employed in extraction operations because of the high levels of dust and dirt they generate – not to mention other issues caused by strong vibrations, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

To combat these demanding conditions, the kit features a ruggedized VIA Mobile360 M820 system that has no moving parts thanks to its fanless low-power design. To provide further protection in harsh environments, the system is also housed in a robust aluminum enclosure.  

The enclosure features IP65-rated cable glands are to ensure the connections to the kit’s cameras don’t get grimed up or shorted. The cameras themselves are IP69K-rated, which means they are dust and waterproof, while the 10.1-inch display inside the cockpit is an industrial-grade LCD with housed in an IP67-rated enclosure. With these addition layers of protection, the system can provide extended duty cycles and as a bonus it can be washed down at the end of the shift – a specific request from the mine operators we are working with.

Meeting Specific Customer Needs

The VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit is a versatile solution rather than a fixed product. Comprising a ruggedized computer with an aluminum enclosure, support for up to seven cameras, and a flexible VIA Mobile360 software suite, it can be customized to meet your specific deployment requirements utilizing the latest operator assistance and situational awareness technologies. 

Click here to learn more about how our VIA Mobile360 solutions provide performance and flexibility you can rely on for the most demanding mining and quarrying applications.

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