Introducing the new VIA Mobile360 D700 commercial-grade drive recorder

One of our primary objectives with the VIA Mobile360 family is to create a range of commercial-grade systems and devices that make it easier for fleet operators to add intelligent driver assistance capabilities to their existing vehicles in order to enhance safety and efficiency.

For operators of buses, trucks, and heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes, we have been developing highly-integrated solutions such as the recently launched VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit that deliver an optimized blend of ADAS, 360-degree Surround View, DMS, and related technologies for the target application. On top of that, we also offer flexible hardware, software, AI, and cloud customization services to ensure that the installation meets the specific deployment needs of the customer.

commercial-grade drive recorder

The VIA Mobile360 D700 commercial-grade drive recorder that we announced last week is the latest addition to the family. This is a dual-camera in-vehicle safety device that is installed above the dashboard of a vehicle and simultaneously captures HD footage of the interior of the vehicle and the prevailing road conditions ahead of it. The footage is automatically stored on an SD card and provides valuable data that can be used as evidence should an accident occur and for analyzing driver behavior.

If you require more detailed information, the device can also be connected to the vehicle’s CAN Bus to enable the collection of rich vehicle usage data such as speed, distance, idle time, and fuel consumption. This data can be uploaded to your fleet management network or a cloud service such as Microsoft Azure for further analysis and insights.

commercial-grade drive recorder

We are seeing strong interest in the VIA Mobile360 D700 commercial-grade drive recorder from customers in multiple transportation verticals as varied as taxis, road haulage, and law enforcement. Contact us by email to learn more about how we can help you can customize the VIA Mobile360 D700 to meet your particular deployment requirements.

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