Embedded World 2019: making final preparations

final preparations

No signs of 5G at Embedded World. Not a single poster heralding the impending arrival of the next big connectivity revolution. Not even a single dodgy benchmark showing amazing performance speeds.

This comes as no big surprise given that the technology will be rolled out in consumer smart phones first. But I’m sure it will make an appearance at next year’s event as the main applications for 5G will be found in large-scale industrial and smart city deployments in which the embedded industry’s experience and expertise in implementing complex, large-scale projects requiring the integration of diverse communications and computing technologies will come into play.

We had our own much smaller-scale integration project to complete today as we made our final preparations for the show tomorrow. The best way I can describe my own contribution to this effort is to say that I practiced a form of effortless action (無為/wúwéi) otherwise known as getting out of the way while the real experts got on with the real work of setting up the systems and getting the demos running smoothly. No matter how well you prepare beforehand, there are always a few little glitches that need to be taken care of!

The main theme of the VIA booth is Edge AI for transportation, smart city, and industrial applications. I’ll post some photos of the systems we have on display tomorrow; if you want to learn more in the meantime please click here.

In addition to our existing VIA Mobile360 ADAS, Smart Retail Engagement, and Smart Building Management solutions, we’ll also be showing a number of new products for the first time, including the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System integrating Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, the VPai Smart Lock Turnkey Platform, the VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera, and the VIA Mobile360 DB700 Drive Recorder. I’ll be posting more information about that in my next entry.

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