Embedded World 2019: enabling visual intelligence

Embedded World 2019

A lively start to Embedded World! We saw a lot of interest in our latest visual intelligence systems, including the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder that we demonstrated for the first time at the show.

The device enhances fleet management and driver safety and efficiency by recording each trip using its dual 1080p front dash and interior cameras and enabling real-time route tracking and monitoring via a cloud portal through its 4G wireless, Wi-Fi, and GPS support.

visual intelligence

For customers requiring more detailed trip data such as vehicle idle time, fuel consumption, speeding, and distance traveled, CAN Bus integration can be enabled. Flexible hardware, software, and cloud customization options are also available, as well as an SDK and reference app. To learn more about the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder, please click here and here.

Another new device that captured a lot of attention was the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System. Featuring Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, this ultra-compact device offers plug-in compatibility with Microsoft Azure and runs a broad array of real-time cognitive services such as face verification; face detection, including age, emotion, gender, pose, smile, and hair; and emotion recognition, including anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise.

visual intelligence

We see a lot of potential for the system in emerging visual intelligence applications that, for example, enable retailers to see and analyze reactions to a new product display in a store or vending machine operators to better understand the types of consumers that purchase from them. To learn more about how we can help you design, build, and deploy visual intelligence systems that meet your specific requirements, please drop by our Embedded World booth at #2-551 in Hall 2 or contact us by email.

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