Test-driving the Chuangzaoli driverless car kit

driverless car kit

Last Friday, I spent a highly enjoyable afternoon at the No. 80 High School of Beijing giving students from countries as diverse as Pakistan, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Serbia an introduction to the basics of AI.

Teaching the class was made significantly easier for me thanks to the ample number of Chuangzaoli voice recognition and driverless car kits that we had prepared for the students to get their hands on – not to mention a team of engineers on standby to answer any technical questions they might have.

In the first part of the class, we gave the students a chance to learn some common Chinese greetings was correct by talking to this fish made using the Chuangzaoli voice recognition kit. A flashing green light showed that the student’s pronunciation was correct.

Chinese voice recognition AI kit

In the second part, we moved on to showing them the key hardware components of the Chuangzaoli driverless car kit and demonstrating how to assemble them into a vehicle. Once the students had built a vehicle, we taught them how to activate the car, set its speed limits, and define the appropriate actions when the onboard camera detects a stop sign, warning sign, traffic lights, or turning.

driverless car kit

Having learned all the basics, the students wrote a simulation program of the track we had installed in the classroom and uploaded it onto the vehicle. Finally it was time for them to test out the accuracy of the programming by running the car on the track itself – achieving, I might add, extremely impressive results.

driverless car kit

This is the first time that we have tested our Chuangzaoli kits with students from outside China, and we were very encouraged by the response we received. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about the kits. We would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this initiative.

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