When the travel gods smile on you

Taipei Songshan Airport

If you’re flying from Taipei to a major city in China, Japan, or South Korea, Songshan Airport is far closer and more convenient than the main one in Taoyuan. The check-in, security, and immigration processes usually take me less than fifteen minutes thanks to the lower number of flights that go from there and the cheerful and friendly staff.

The arrival procedures at Pudong were just as fast today. Ten minutes after landing, I was sat in the back of a taxi on my way to my hotel in the technology park near to the  Zhangjiang MRT Station. Isn’t life wonderful when the travel gods smile on you? I just wish that this happened a little more often. I know, a first-world problem.

when the travel gods smile on you

My early afternoon schedule was too tight for me to head off in search of the Badlands of Old Shanghai, so I had to content myself instead with a stroll around the hotel neighborhood. Even though the district is becoming more residential, there were more bright red flags flapping in the air to mark the forthcoming October 1 National Day than people walking around the nearby shopping center.

Shanghai Parkyard Hotel

The Parkyard Hotel is a great place to stay in if you are visiting companies in the surrounding high-tech park. The rooms are excellent and not too expensive at around $100 a night. The coffee shop has a relaxing atmosphere, and the seating area in the garden provides a green haven away from the surrounding industrial buildings.

Parkyard Hotel Shanghai

The ideal location in fact to finish off the delightful Return to Dragon Mountain before I go to dinner. I hope to post a mini-review of that later this week.

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