From Shanghai to Hangzhou: China International Industry Fair and Alibaba Empower Digital China


I’m looking forward to leaving for Shanghai tomorrow to attend the China International Industry Fair at the National Exhibition and Convention Center before hopping over to Hangzhou for Empower Digital China being held by Alibaba.

Apart from my Surface notebook and HTC smart phone, the most essential personal item I’ll be taking with me is my trusty USB display from Asus. These days, I don’t go anywhere without it. The difference in productivity between a single and dual display setup is too big to ignore. My only little niggle with the display is that I have been unable to find a clamp for it. Whenever I check into a hotel, I immediately find myself looking for books and magazines to put it on so that I can view it at a higher angle.

Asus M169 USB Monitor

I’ve been to The China International Industry Fair a couple of times before. The best way I can find to describe it is that it reminds me of CeBIT in its heyday with its massive halls filled with displays of just about every type of industrial computing and automation equipment imaginable. Of course, the marketing and promotional messages have changed to proclaiming the wonders of IoT, AI, and the cloud, but the essence is still the same.

At the VIA booth, we will be showing our latest Edge AI systems for industrial and in-vehicle applications. These include the VIA ARTiGO A920 pictured above powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820E embedded platform plus a “three-in-one” VIA Mobile360 systems integrating support for ADAS, 360-degree Surround View, and Lidar sensors. We’ll be posting more information about these and other new systems later this week.

The youthful noise and color of Alibaba’s Empower Digital China in boomtown Hangzhou should provide a fascinating contrast to the older and grittier China International Industry Fair. I’m sure it will prove to be a lot more fun too. At the event, I’ll be talking about our plans for expanding our support for the Alibaba Cloud IoT Open Edge Computing Platform Link Edge and our strategies for enabling intelligent manufacturing in China. Watch out for more news about that as well.

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