San Francisco

I’m back in Taipei after a week in Fremont. Sadly, I’ve made no progress in my search for a cure for jet lag. No doubt the quest will go on and on…

For the first time in many years I didn’t bother to take a trip into San Francisco during my stay in Fremont, even though the recently-opened Warm Springs BART station makes it cheap and easy to for a non-driver like myself to get there.

I used to really enjoy my visits to the city, but over the last couple of years the streets have become way too grimy and threatening to justify the trek. Surely the home of some of the richest and smartest people on the planet can figure out a fix for this? Reducing poverty and homelessness isn’t easy of course, but it’s not exactly rocket science either.

To put the problem in perspective, China has managed to bring hundreds of millions of people out of poverty over the last few decades. Surely the masters of the universe in Silicon Valley can do the same for a much smaller number of people…

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