A perfect summer evening in Beijing

perfect summer evening

Always a pleasure to be back in Beijing. Yesterday, I enjoyed a perfect summer evening strolling around the Wudaokou neighborhood and soaking in the atmosphere. A good job I had no need to brave the rush-hour subway. People Mountain, People Sea!

Beijing subway rush hour

During my walk, I checked out a couple of newish bookstores in the area. One purported to be open for 24 hours, but a sign on the entrance door announced that operating times were being cut. Perhaps there simply aren’t enough night owls around.

Beijing bookstore

Both stores had an interesting selection of books on display. The management secrets of Huawei appear to be a hot topic judging by the business book displays I saw. Now that China has its own business heroes to aspire to such as the ubiquitous Jack Ma, budding young entrepreneurs no loner need to draw quite so extensively on the wisdom of overseas corporate titans. Also, from what people tell me, the translations of overseas tomes are not necessarily of the highest quality so a lot of the original meaning of them is distorted or even lost.

Beijing bookstore

For the plane ride over, I purchased a copy of The Badlands: More Stories from Midnight in Beijing by Paul French. However, its tales of foreign debauchery in the hutongs near to the Imperial City during the 1930s failed to inspire me, so instead I opted to catch up on some long-delayed reading about AI and Edge Computing. I’m not exactly sure what this says about my state of mind!

Published by Qualcomm, A Developer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence provides a succinct primer on AI – including a clear explanation of the differences between Deep Learning and Machine Learning. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time if you have any interest in the subject.

What is Edge Computing? from CB Insights also provides a useful overview of this emerging trend, including the key market and technology drivers and potential benefits and applications. Like the Qualcomm AI eBook, it’s also short and to-the-point. I would also recommend it if you are interested in this subject.

I’m here in Beijing for the annual China Children’s Computer Contest sponsored by VIA and HTC. This officially starts tomorrow and will welcome elementary and high school students and their teachers from all over the country, who will be showcasing some interesting Edge AI devices that they have been working on over the past few months.

More updates this weekend.


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