Glass is eating the world

Glass is eating the world

With so much happening in the technology industry, it can be very easy to lose track of the signal amid all the noise when trying to figure out the key trends that are driving the market. We try to keep our own analysis as simple as possible, building our overall strategy upon these three key drivers:

• Glass is eating the world
• Cameras are the universal sensor
• Cars are the next big computer

There is nothing particularly surprising or controversial about these three trends. All of them are self-explanatory. The trick is figuring how to align our technology, product, and business development strategies and processes so that we can take full advantage of the new market opportunities they are creating.

Let’s use the first trend, glass is eating the world, as an example of our approach. Even though most of us spend many hours of the day with our heads buried in the screen of our smart phone, tablet, or computer, the number is set to further increase as we accelerate the digitization of data through IoT and AI and search for more powerful ways of visualizing increasingly complex data sets in formats that we can easily understand.

glass is eating the world

Over the last decade or so we’ve seen rapid growth in digital signage, video walls, interactive kiosks, and other ambient information display devices, but the number of these systems is a drop in the ocean compared to what we’ll see over the next one as facial recognition, object detection, machine vision, and other AI technologies really kick in. Just about every wall, vehicle, and machine will be plastered with screens displaying all manner of information in ever richer and more eye-catching formats to help guide us through our daily lives.

The voracious demand for glass is driving our investments in the development of Computer Vision and Edge AI solutions, including the VIA Smart Retail Engagement and VIA Smart Access Control systems, as well as our digital signage players, video walls, HMI platforms, and even our VIA Vtric Active Optical Cables.

In a world that is being eaten by glass, we therefore see our role as providing the tools our customers need to inject the layers of intelligence they will need to maximize the utility and value of their screens. As a result, we view our deep silicon-level graphics and video expertise as a key advantage – not just in delivering leading-edge Computer Vision and Edge AI systems to the market but also in providing the customization and optimization services that our customers will require to meet their specific edge intelligence processing and display needs.

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