Chewing the fat

Computex sign

On Sunday evening I met an old friend at the Grand Hyatt and we spent a fun couple of hours chewing the fat over how the industry has changed since the PC was at the center of the universe and the hotel’s Cheers Bar was the place to see and be seen when Computex was at its height.

While the PC remains an important segment of the overall technology market, the smart phone has long since taken the leadership crown from it. Now IoT and AI are the hot new trends that are driving all the excitement, and applications like facial recognition and edge computing are proliferating at an astonishing rate.

Keeping up with rapid pace of change is tough for all companies in the technology business. At VIA, we have transitioned from being a silicon design house focused on the PC market to an embedded platform provider and now an Edge AI system and application developer in little more than a decade!.

ADAS system

Implementing these transitions has been challenging, but our core silicon design expertise has been very useful in enabling us to negotiate them. Engineers who once designed chipsets and graphics core are now leveraging their experience and knowledge in the development of intensive computer vision applications for our VIA Mobile360 ADAS and Surround View autonomous vehicle solutions and our VIA Smart Retail Engagement and VIA Smart Access Control systems. As these applications become more sophisticated, no doubt their talents and skills will become even more in demand!

On the business side, making these transitions happen has required keeping an open mind in order to understand new customer usage requirements – not to mention countless hours of study about new AI technology and application trends and their potential impact on the market.

As for my marketing role, huge challenges still lay ahead of me. As my friend reminded me on Sunday, VIA is still best known for our chipsets rather than the new stuff we are working on. Time to up my game!

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