Smart VIP Customer Kiosk at Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Smart VIP Customer Kiosk

Mobile World Congress Shanghai was even bigger and brasher than CES Asia a couple of weeks before. Naturally, there was a much stronger focus on the latest and greatest smart phones at the show, but overall the main themes were pretty much the same. Yes, AI and AR are about to take over the world as the industry packs yet more hot new applications and features into their devices to fuel the upgrade cycle.

At the event, we announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Migu, the content broadcasting subsidiary of China Mobile, focused on the development of a Smart VIP Customer Kiosk that combines VIA Edge AI Facial Recognition systems with Migu Cloud and Big Data services that enable retailers to provide personalized consumer experiences in their stores.

The kiosk utilizes the whitelist feature in its VIA Facial Recognition Software to automatically identify a VIP customer within a range of around 1.5m so that it can deliver a personalized greeting and offer targeted product promotions and discounts.

Using its gender/age recognition and emotion detection features and people streaming analysis platform that can be integrated into the Migu Cloud, the kiosk can also track footfall, monitor shopper’s responses to displays and promotions, and invite them to participate in their VIP program.

At their booth, Migu showed a concept kiosk to show retailers how it works and give them a taste of the kinds of applications they can run on it. The operation process is quite simple. After the kiosk identifies you, it recommends selected products based on your age and sex using an AI engine and displays information about them on its screen. Should you choose to buy a product, you take one together with an NFC token to the check-out system and scan them to register the payment before walking away with it.

One of the benefits of the kiosk is that no staff are required to operate the counter, enabling retailers to save costs. Another key advantage is that allows retailers to set up pop-up stores for special campaigns such as movie-themed promotions quickly and cheaply while having the ability to adjust inventory and pricing in line with real-time information on sales.

The potential applications for the Smart VIP Customer Kiosk are enormous. We are very excited to be working with Migu to further explore this huge market opportunity.

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