Summer Solstice

I Ching hexagram 44 encounter

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and a critical turning point that marks the peak of Yang in the world and the return of Yin which will lead us into the shorter, darker, and more miserable days of winter.

In the I Ching, this day is primarily associated with Hexagram 44 (姤/gòu), which warns of a potentially difficult encounter looming ahead of you. The hexagram is comprised of three solid Yang lines forming the Qian/Heaven trigram over two more solid yang lines and a single broken Yin line making up the Xun/Wind trigram.

The solitary Yang line at the bottom of the trigram marks the reemergence of dark and mysterious feminine energy. Commentaries about the hexagram warn of the unexpected appearance of a bold and strong woman on the scene with a desire to dominate the five men represented by the five Yang lines. Naturally, they go on to caution against meeting her and even marrying her.

The single Yin line is also taken to represent a malign presence or dangerous situation. The key is to stay alert and be wary of potentially perilous encounters or events.

The Summer Solstice is also marked by a full moon, which signifies peak feminine energy. Earth and Heaven thus remain in perfect harmony and balance and masculine and feminine forces are perfectly aligned as we begin the second half of the year.

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