A lookback at Computex and CES Asia

CES Asia AI cooking

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! The long weekend is providing me with a welcome opportunity to catch my breath after the hustle and bustle of Computex and CES Asia over the past couple of weeks.

From a PR point of view, Computex was one of the most interesting shows in years with the slew of announcements made by all the key global silicon vendors. CPU marketing wars are always fun, and the flood of claims and counterclaims about performance and battery life showed that there’s plenty of life in the PC yet – whether it’s for high-end gaming, cryptocurrency mining, or full-day mobile computing.

AI Bear

At CES Asia, in contrast, all the excitement was around AI, AR, robotics, and autonomous vehicle applications and devices – from “robo-sharks” and window/wall cleaning bots to intelligent cooking ware and AI bears. A number of facial recognition systems were also on display, not to mention the latest EV models from domestic and international manufacturers.

CES Asia Facial Recognition

I haven’t seen any visitor numbers yet, but this year’s CES Asia seemed to be much busier than last year’s event. There was a positive buzz around the show floor and plenty of interesting (and sometimes whacky) stuff to see. Indeed, while Computex may have marked a much-needed renaissance in the PC, I can’t help thinking that CES Asia heralded a much more significant development: the emergence of China as the leader in driving the emergence of the market for intelligent applications and devices.

CES Asia 2018

While this trend is still in its early stages, no other country can match China in terms of manufacturing might, market momentum, and government guidance. CES Asia 2018 provided a tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead.

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