AI snippets from around the globe

AI snippets

It’s tough to keep up with all the latest news about developments in AI given how quickly the technology is being rolled out and the huge variety of industries it’s being deployed in. Here are some links to a few recent articles on the topic that have caught my attention.

AI in agriculture

AI has huge potential to help farmers make sense of the mountains of data they receive on environmental conditions like temperature, rainfall, salinity, nitrogen, pests, commodity prices, and other variables. To meet this need, a growing number of agriculture technology (agtech) startups have introduced products aimed at building better sensors to make data collection cheaper and enabling them to reduce costs and increase yield by saving water, micromanaging fertilizer, and other measures.

Read more about these development in this post on Medium.

AI helping to save endangered species

We are all aware of facial recognition technology applications for surveillance and crime prevention, but did you know that the technology is also being put to use to help combat the illegal trafficking of endangered species?

Read this article to find out how facial recognition software and app invented at Michigan State University can help protect primates in Africa – more than 60 percent of which face extinction.

How AI cloud could produce the richest companies ever

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all want to dominate the business of providing artificial-intelligence services through cloud computing. For the past three years, they have been incorporating features such as face recognition in online photos and language translation for speech into their respective cloud services—AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Now they are in a headlong rush to build on these basic capabilities to create AI-based platforms that can be used by almost any type of company, regardless of its size and technical sophistication, writes Peter Burrows for MIT Technology Review.

AI helping to find hidden nuclear missiles and prevent nuclear attack

The US military is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to scrutinize huge amounts of data including satellite imagery to find signs of preparation for a missile launch. Read more on this report by Reuters here.

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