VIA at Embedded Vision Summit 2018

Embedded Vision Summit

If you’re attending the Embedded Vision Summit 2018 in Santa Clara this week, please feel free to stop by and see us at booth number 609. We will have all our latest Computer Vision solutions on display, including the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System, the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System, and VIA Mobile360 ADAS.

VIA Mobile360 ADAS

Our goal with all VIA Computer Vision systems is to provide our customers with a reliable and scalable path for building highly-sophisticated security, surveillance, building management, traffic monitoring, and consumer engagement system applications. In addition to a wealth of camera and display integration, I/O enablement, and wireless connectivity options, the systems also include support for AI features such as object and facial recognition, including emotion, age and gender detection, and people counting and tracking.

Our staff at the VIA booth Embedded Vision Summit 2018 will be more than happy to provide you with more information about the multiple customization options that are available for our Computer Vision systems.

VIA Edge AI Developer Kit

Intelligent Computer Vision capabilities are an integral element of our recently-launched VIA Edge AI Developer Kit. Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820E Embedded Platform, the kit combines the VIA SOM-9X20 SOM Module and SOMDB2 Carrier Board with a 13MP camera module that’s optimized for intelligent real-time video capture, processing, and edge analysis. Edge AI application development is enabled by an Android 8.0 BSP, with a Linux BSP based on Yocto 2.0.3 set to be released in June this year.

The kit has been designed to make it easy to design, test, and deploy intelligent AI systems and devices. For information on how to get it up and running, please download the new VIA Edge AI Developer Kit Quick Guide here.

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