I Ching Diary: familiar friends

familiar friends

A couple of familiar friends in my I Ching reading this morning. In fact, the reading was almost a reverse image of the one I carried out just over a week ago on March 25.

Hexagram 19 (臨/lín), the first one to come up, consists of earth on top of a lake and heralds the approach of a powerful and beneficial influence. Prosperous times lie ahead. It’s a propitious time to move forward with a major new initiative.

I Ching Hexagram 19: approach

The lake stays in place for the transformation to Hexagram 60 (節/jié). The earth is replaced by water, signifying notch on a bamboo pole for measuring the levels on a stream or river. By all means go ahead with the project – but be sure to proceed step by step.

I Ching Hexagram 60: regulation

Also, judging by judgement for line five, the changing line in Hexagram 19, select the right people to help you implement the project and give them free rein to carry out the tasks you’ve assigned them as they see fit. Empowerment may be a relatively new term in the management lexicon, but it’s a basic management principle that stretches back to the dawn of antiquity.

A good leader should have confidence in the people who report to him and her and give them the resources and freedom they need to carry out their jobs properly. There is nothing to be gained by second-guessing them.

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